Website Design

Web Site Design

I understand that your web site is the ambassador for your business or online venture. You need it to project a professional and contemporary image.

Your web site is attending a 24/7 sales meeting on the Internet. It is just as important for it to arrive as well-dressed and ready for business as it is for you when attending such a meeting in person.

The Internet is a fast-paced environment. Technology, methodologies and even fashions change almost on a daily basis.
I make it my business to stay on top - and even ahead of - this fast pace of change. In fact, I take personal pride in it.

I do all this so that you don't have to - and believe me when I tell you - it is a full-time job!

What this means for you is peace of mind.

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Web Applications and Database Development

Web Applications

In the twenty years that I have been in the software business, my specialty has always been applications. It is what sets me apart from many of my competitors.

Increasingly, applications that used to be the domain of the desktop computer are being ported to the web - whether they be in-house and used exclusively within your company (Intranet), available to certain people from outside of your network (Extranet) or publicly available (Internet).

In short, a web application is a web site that actually performs a function.

Some examples of web applications include:

Many, or most processes that used to be managed by traditional paper or PC-based systems are capable of being improved by a web-based system.

Some of the advantages to moving to a Intranet or Internet system are:

The flexibility of web-based applications means that there are as many possibilities as there are businesses out there.
Why not consider the many ways in which your business could benefit from a web application?

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

An essential part of producing dynamic and outstanding websites is producing great looking graphics.

Of course, this ability isn't limited to just web sites! Graphic design is required for many areas of both your online - and offline - activities.

I enjoy this aspect of web development. Let me show you how I can create the perfect image for you.

I can provide:

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Camera and Photos

Photography and Photo Enhancements

Photographs can make or break a web site.

Being a long-time photographer, I have much experience in photo post-processing, repair and enhancement.

If I am local to you, I will be glad to provide photographic services. If not, I can ensure that any photographs you have look the best they can be, and are optimized for display on the web.

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