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In-House Comments

In-House Comments is a self-contained comments system which can easily be integrated into your web site or blog with just three lines of code.

There is a current trend to move away from the complicated and resource-intensive CMS systems, such as WordPress, and move to sites created with static site generators, such as HUGO or Jekyll.

The only problem is that when you move away from database-driven, active web sites, you lose the functionality to interact with your readers through comments.

Many people turn to third-party hosted comments systems, such as Disqus, but that means your data is trusted to a third-party, and you have effectively lost control.

In-House Comments was created to solve this problem.

With just three lines of code, you can have a fully interactive comments system, which is hosted on your own web site, no matter how your web site has been created.



In-House Comments is written in Javascript and PHP. The comments are stored on your own web site in a Sqlite database. No database configuration required. Comments are added via AJAX technology so that page refreshes are not necessary. This provides a seamless experience for your users. All settings are made in a simple text file.

In-House Comments will work with any hosting service which uses apache, and provides PHP. This accounts for the vast majority of hosting solutions out there - including cost-effective shared hosting options.


If you'd like to see In-House Comments in action, feel free to use the comments section below.