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SVR Portal—Property Rental Web Application

The SVR Portal is a web application which facilitates the day-to-day running of Suches Vacation Rentals' short-term property rental business.

The application is written in object-oriented PHP with a SQLite and/or MySQL database. Extensive use is made of REST APIs and asynchronous communication with Javascript.

Since creation and launch of the application, it has quickly become the core of their daily operations, and the users have reported a marked improvement in data security, data retention and ease of management. The application is used both in-office by administration, and in the field by cleaners, contractors, etc. with their mobile devices.

MusoCRM—Customer Relationship Manager for Musicians

This comprehensive application was built for a musician who needed the ability to track his schedule, his gigs, his interactions with venues, and to help him in marketing his services. He had tried using "off-the-shelf" applications, but none of them fitted his requirements—and were far too complicated.

Written in PHP, with a MySql database in the back-end, here are some of the functions this application provides:

Ivan Duke Web Site

Ivan Duke is a musician and songwriter. Ivan wanted a web site to showcase his original music, to establish a web presence, and to provide a way for people to contact him.

Ivan wished for a simple, elegant design which was mobile-friendly. The site is hand-coded, and fully mobile-responsive so that different versions of the site are presented depending on the size of the device used to access it.

One requirement was for the media—such as audio and video—to be hosted on the site itself, rather than linking to an outside source such as YouTube. Using the latest HTML5 technologies to provide native streaming—together with efficient streamlining of the files, we were able to achieve this goal.

Alan Davis Jr.—Musician's Web Site

Alan Davis Jr. is a musician and singer. He requested a simple site, which was quick to load, and optimized for good placement in the search engines.

As with all of my sites, no templates were used, and all graphics were created personally. This ensures that the site loads quickly, is unique, and has no extraneous bulk.

The site contains various pages showcasing the performer's biography, musical examples, and a contact form.

Scoot Safely—Web Site and Blog

Scoot Safely. Web Site and Blog

ScootSafely.com is a web site and blog dedicated to safe scooter riding. The site was originally created in Wordpress, but the owner was having multiple problems with maintenance and security. Additionally, the site was slow to load because of all the plugins and additions that were made to the Wordpress site.

I determined that I could reproduce the site, while maintaining the identical look, but have it generated as static pages using Hugo static site generation technology. This would mean that the site would load incredibly quickly, and be virtually "hack-proof" as there will be nothing but plain HTML files on the server.

The site now loads quickly, with no maintenance headaches, no data was lost from the many blog posts already existing, and new blog posts are easily added.

Comments are provided by my custom comment engine, "In-House Comments", which ensures that all the data are kept safe and belong to the site owner, not an outside entity.

Wildcat Lodge and Campground

Wildcat Campground and Lodge

Wildcat Lodge and Campground had an existing, dated web site, which they wished to update.

My instructions were to create a more friendly, family-oriented web site that showcased the beauty of the North Georgia area, and specifically, highlighted the amenities offered.

I started by creating a logo (Wiley Wildcat) which could be used on all their material to provide a consistent brand, and to project a friendly face throughout the site.

I then shot many photographs at the facility, and created a web site which reflected the beauty of the area, incorporating our custom photography.

I also created a video featuring drone footage of the beautiful facility and surrounding scenery. The project was delivered on time, and under budget.

GPShots.com Photo Location Sharing

GPShots.com Photo Location Sharing

GPShots.com allows photographers to share photo locations using GPS data. It is database-driven, written in PHP with a MySQL database.

Integrating Google Maps and Google Earth extensively - along with sophisticated geo-location calculations, it allows a user to choose any location on earth simply by clicking on a map, and find all photographs taken within a given radius of that spot - allowing them to easily find locations for their own photography.
There are also extensive social networking elements to the site's function.

Retentivity Custom Slide Shows

Retentivity Custom Slide Shows

Retentivity provide custom slide shows and video presentations. They are based in the Atlanta, GA. area.

Retentivity's mandate was to create a very informative web site while maintaining a modern and professional look.

Using a logo provided by Retentivity, Savannah Software presented initial design prototypes that were readily accepted with minor changes. From this base, the whole site was designed with a uniform look and feel.

One of the more complicated parts of this site was the creation of a cost calculator which took many parameters that comprise the design of a slide show presentation, and calculated the estimated cost.
This cost calculator needed to update "live" without the round-trip of submitted the page to the server.
This cost calculator was created in pure Javascript and provides a handy cost estimator for prospective customers.

 Dahlonega, GA Realtor Web Site

Dahlonega GA Real Estate

This realtor recently moved to a new area and needed to establish a web presence to conduct his business.

It was important for him to convey the beauty and serenity of the North Georgia mountains, while projecting a professional image.
Wanting more than just a "static" web site, he wished to provide the ability for his site visitors to search the MLS system for property without leaving the site, to fill in and submit a property search form, and to communicate directly via the web site.

Savannah Software provided all art work for this site - including the specially taken photography and the customer was extremely pleased with the first designs presented.

Since launching the site, it has quickly reached the top of the search engines for the customer's keywords and is consistently producing results in the form of contacts and, ultimately, sales through the web site.

 Rolls-Royce Customer Service Web Application

Rolls-Royce Screenshot

Rolls-Royce have a team of customer service managers overseeing the service of their engines fitted to thousands of aircraft throughout the world.

Their job entails tracking which engines are fitted to which aircraft, their owners, maintenance schedules, customer visits, warranty information and status and to project when engines will need to come out of service for maintenance based on flight times or calendar intervals.

A system was required that would provide a central repository of "up to the minute" information and be available world-wide to the various customer service managers at any time of the day.
It was necessary to provide quick and easy search facilities to locate engines based on multiple criteria and to provide reports, views and "snapshots" of the database filtered according to the aircraft under the control of the currently logged in user. Various security constraints were needed to ensure that the system users had differing permissions according to their responsibilities and geographical location.

Given the international nature of their business and the sheer number of units involved, it was suggested that the optimum architecture would be a web-based application using Active Server Page (ASP) technology interfacing to a Microsoft SQL Server database on a central server in North America.

A prototype was commissioned before "go ahead" for development could be given.

Upon delivery of the prototype and projected costs/timescale involved, authorisation was given for development in a "two-phase" approach.

Phase one of the application was developed in time and under budget and is now being used daily as an integral tool for the customer service managers.

It has been noted that the application has immediately proved to be an extremely beneficial tool, has drastically reduced the "Paper chain" and facilitated better and more timely communication between the various departments in this international concern.

Development is currently under way on phase 2.

 Photos By English

This web application - written in PHP with a MySql database, is the store front for an event photographer.
The photographer attends events, such as motorcycle track days, and photographs the participants. The participants can then visit PhotosByEnglish.com, select photographs - or photograph packages - and purchase them from the site.

This site needed to be completed in very quick time. The full site, including custom shopping cart, photo selection, format and delivery options was completed and made live in three days.

 The Perfect Sausage Company Web Site

The Perfect Sausage Company manufactures healthy sausage products made from chicken. They approached Savannah Software for a web site to represent their product and to provide factual information about their company and its products, its advantages and suggested ways to prepare it.

An elegant design was required to accentuate the gourmet quality of their product.

Telstar Lead Management System

Telstar Lead Management ScreenshotTelstar Capital Resources trade in "leads" for companies offering mortgage and other loan services.

They have an extremely intensive data load and their business process are very complex and further complicated by the fact that they receive their lead information from many disparate sources in widely differing formats.

Savannah Software was hired to create a system to manage the entire workflow which included:

Telstar Report Screenshot

This was a large project which necessitated a close working relationship between Telstar and Savannah Software for almost two years.

Flexibility was an important requirement as their business changes very rapidly and Savannah Software had to respond quickly and efficiently change requests to ensure the continued smooth running of their business.

Telstar Reconciliation ScreenshotThe application was written in Microsoft Access with Client/Server architecture. Various custom objects for the import routines were written as ActiveX/COM objects in Microsoft Visual Basic.

Currently, the database contains more than 1,000,000 leads and is still being used daily as the "workhorse" of their daily operations.

The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient ScreenshotThe Main Ingredient is a suite of software solutions for the food and restaurant industry.

Food service and storage facilities have to follow strict guidelines with regard to food safety, part of which is to ensure that critical control points are checked with regard to the temperature of both prepared food and ingredients.

This suite of software, which is a subscription service, facilitates the safe and convenient adherence to the HACCP (Health and Critical Control Point) guidelines. It also helps to ensure sanitation is being correctly performed, track staff, track work allocation and ease menu selection and generation for the food service provider.

The HACCP guidelines are stored within the system and the user will be alerted whenever an entered measurement falls outside of the recommended bounds, enabling the user to take corrective actions or discard the food. All time and temperature measurements entered into the system are stored and available as reports.

The Main Ingredient Forecasting ScreenshotThe system is based on a SQL Server database and uses the Active Server Page (ASP) technology to perform the extremely sophisticated functionality of the system. There are extensive security functions built into the systems to ensure that any measurements recorded cannot be altered past a certain cut-off point and that the user has access only to the data relating to their own facility or chain of facilities.

Medical Equipment Transport Services

Medical Equipment Transport Services Screenshot

Medical Equipment Transport Services is a volunteer service of the Savannah area Rotary International Club.

They collect unused and donated medical equipment and supplies and distribute them to poorer countries around the world that have need for them.

Aside from requiring a web site explaining their operations to people and companies that may donate equipment and supplies, the web site was required to provide the ability for potential recipients to make an application by filling in the extensive application form.

Savannah Software created the original design reflecting METS' objectives and the online application form and contact form was written using php scripting technology.

Currency Services Customer Database and ID Card Printer

Currency Services Screenshot Currency Services, Inc. of Savannah provides check cashing services and makes Photo ID cards for their customers.

Savannah Software was commissioned to produce a customer database application to store quite extensive customer information and descriptions; to take digital photographs and create a Photo ID card on the spot.

Their existing customer data was "trapped" in an old system but it was important for them to not lose the 12,000 records that they had created over the years.

Despite the odds we managed to extract the existing customer information in ASCII format, convert it, validate it and load it into a Microsoft Access database. Not one customer record was lost.

Then, a Windows application was designed and built that would interface to the database and investigations were made into capturing live /images from a video camera. The necessary hardware and a specialty printer was then obtained.

Currency Services Photo Example

Core Windows functions were then called which would enable us to capture the video image, rotate it 90°, resize it and store it in .jpg format.

An ID card was then designed and the printing functionality created. All parts of the system were exhaustively tested.

The whole system was designed, created,tested and delivered on time in a little over 3 weeks.

The Diamond Family Circle Web Site

Diamond Family Circle

The Diamond Family Circle Web Site documents the history of the Diamond Family since the emigration from Romania to America at the turn on the century.
Its purpose is to act as a repository for accounts, artefacts and documents related to the family and to promote communication between the existing family members.

The site features simple and elegant design principles and a member forum running in the php language.

After initial design it was important to facilitate easy additions and updates to the web site by the site owner as it is a site that is being constantly updated and added to.

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